Pesticide Safety Brochures

The following is a list a pesticide-related educational materials geared for the general public. Publications are available via the linked page in a PDF format. A print copy may be ordered from the MSU Extension Bookstore

  • E-2725 What does a pesticide label say?
  • E-2760 Choosing a Pest Control Company
  • E-2771 Choosing a Lawn Care Company
  • E-2778 Integrated Pest Management in the Home
  • E-2814 Molds in the Home
  • E-2837 Community Spray Programs
  • E-2971 Questions and Answers about Bedbugs
  • E-2976 Questions and Answers about Head lice
  • E-2986 Questions and Answers about Flea

Additional Resources:

  • E2784 SAFE: Transport, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides
  • E2837 Community Spray Programs

The MSU IPM Program maintains this site as an access point to pest management information at MSU. The IPM Program is administered within the Department of Entomology, fueled by research from the AgBioResearch, delivered to citizens through MSU Extension, and proud to be a part of Project GREEEN.