Response Team

MSU Department of Entomology

  • Rufus Isaacs, Berry Crops
  • Larry Gut, Tree Fruit
  • Mark Whalon, Cherries
  • Matt Grieshop, Organic Pest Management
  • Ernest Delfosse, Entomology chair
  • Amos Ziegler, Spatial mapping

MSU Department of Horticulture

  • Eric Hanson, Berry Crops
  • Greg Lang, Cherries
  • Paolo Sabbitini, grapes

MSU Extension field staff

  • Brad Baughman, Berrien County
  • Mark Longstroth, Van Buren County
  • Carlos Garcia, Ottawa County
  • Amy Irish-Brown, Kent County
  • Nikki Rothwell, NW Michigan Horticultural Research Station
  • Duke Elsner, NW Michigan Grapes
  • Bob Tritten, Genesee County

Michigan Department of Agriculture

  • Robin Rosenbaum, Plant Industry Section

Fruit Commodity Representatives

  • Dave Trinka, MBG Marketing
  • Shelly Hartmann and Bob Carini, Michigan Blueberry Advisory Committee
  • Allyn Anthony, Michigan State Horticulture Society
  • Phil Korson, Cherry Marketing Institute

The MSU IPM Program maintains this site as an access point to pest management information at MSU. The IPM Program is administered within the Department of Entomology, fueled by research from the AgBioResearch, delivered to citizens through MSU Extension, and proud to be a part of Project GREEEN.