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Plum rust mite (Peach silver mite*)

Aculus fockeui (Nalepa & Trouessart)
Acari: Eriophyidae

Adult is minute and wormlike, with two pairs of legs, and pale yellow to brownish yellow in color (A). The nymph is pale yellowish white and closely resembles the adult.


Most fruit-growing states and provinces in eastern North America.


Attacks plum, peach and cherry. Mites live on upper and lower surfaces of leaves, along the midribs, feeding extensively on young foliage. Feeding causes leaves to roll upward longitudinally and turn brown. Early leaf injury may cause dwarfing of the foliage and a brown or bronze scurfy condition on the lower leaf surface (B). On plums, individual leaves may exhibit "chlorotic fleck", which is the occurrence of spots of abnormally yellow plant tissue up to 1–2 mm in size. In severe cases, the leaf may become twisted or rosetted. Partial defoliation may occur in cherries.

Similar Species

*This species also called peach silver mite due to synonymy of Aculus fockeui with Aculus cornutus (Banks).


Miticide sprays may be needed in cases of severe infestation, particularly after harvest in cherries.

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