Ground ivy (creeping Charlie)

Glechoma hederacea L.

Life cycle

Prostrate, creeping perennial.

Ground ivy lawn plant
Ground ivy in a lawn.


Opposite, kidney-shaped to rounded leaves are approximately 1 inch wide with scalloped margins, palmate veins and long leaf stalks. Damaged leaves emit a mint-like odor.

ground ivy leaf
Ground ivy leaf.


Prostrate, creeping stolons are square in cross-section and root at the nodes to form thick patches.

Ground ivy stolons
Ground ivy plant with creeping stolons.

Flowers and fruit

Purplish blue, funnel-shaped flowers with two lips are found in clusters in the upper leaf axils. The upper lip has two lobes; the lower lip has three lobes. Fruit are small, brown, egg-shaped nutlets.

Ground ivy flower
Ground ivy foliage and flower.


Creeping stems and seeds.

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