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Biology and IPM for Indoor Pests


Fun and Games

  • Become an IPM Super Sleuth - Test your IPM inspection skills with an interactive house and fun detective activities. For grades 3-7 from the IPM Institute of North America, Inc.
  • DB Pest - Play interactive pesticide education games with DB Pest from Penn State Pesticide Education.
  • Help! It’s a Roach! - Learn about cockroaches and have fun in this interactive version of the popular EPA publication.
  • Insect ID - Insect identification help from the Smithsonian O. Orkin Insect Safari.
  • Roach World - Fun and games all about roaches from
  • Bug Go - A fun and educational card game that can be printed online.

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The MSU IPM Program maintains this site as an access point to pest management information at MSU. The IPM Program is administered within the Department of Entomology, fueled by research from the AgBioResearch, delivered to citizens through MSU Extension, and proud to be a part of Project GREEEN.