Additional Classroom Resources

  • IPM In Schools - University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Meet Penny Poe, the Pest Private Eye website’s trusty assistant and junior pest detective who will assist in learning about pests and IPM tools, and how to use them. Winner of the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Outstanding Professional Skills “Best of the Best” Gold Award for Information Technology.
  • Pennsylvania State University School IPM Education Resources - The premier clearinghouse for IPM curricular resources, this website includes a comprehensive searchable database on teaching resources related to IPM as well as lessons and links.
  • Join our Pest Patrol - Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 2000. Excellent resource and activity sheets on IPM targeted to upper Elementary students (activity sheets and teacher information in pdf format) or call: 651-297-3217.
  • The Insectiganza of Excitement - 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System, 1997. A 4-booklet set of entomology activities. Purchase the entire set or individual books based on grade level (for fee only). Available from the University of Minnesota Extension Service. To order, call: (800) 876-8636 or order online.
  • University of Florida’s Best of the Bugs Website - This site provides links to websites judged by entomologists at the University of Florida to be the best that the web has to offer on insects. Excellent sites for teachers and kids.
  • Florida 4-H Bug Club - An excellent website for kids from the University of Florida. The site provides lesson plans, games, and a lot of information for kids about insects.
  • Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms - Center for Insect Education Outreach, University of Arizona, 1997. K-6 curriculum which includes 20 lesson plans that utilize insects to teach all kinds of concepts to young learners. Includes activity sheets, fact sheets, and rearing sheets on the insects used. (free on website)
  • Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) Website - University of Kentucky Entomology Department. This site is fun and educational for younger kids. It includes activities and links to teaching resources, including lesson plans for field and classroom experiments.
  • The Quest for Less-Activities and Resources for Teaching K-8 - United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste, 2000. An excellent complete resource guide on natural resources, waste management, recycling, composting, source reduction and landfills. The Quest for Less provides hands-on lessons and activities, enrichment ideas, journal writing assignments and other educational tools and skills relating to reusing, reducing and recycling waste. (free government publication) Or to order: Call: 1-800-490-9198, or order online.
  • Roach World Website - Discovery Communications. A great kid-friendly site about roaches. Includes IPM techniques to keep them away.
  • EPA Student/Teacher Websites - The main EPA site for teacher resources, student assistance and kids’ education. Provides links to lessons, activities and resources from all the divisions in EPA.
  • EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Student Website - Student website with links to interactive activities and information on pesticides, pesticide safety and the environment.
  • Pesticide Safety Bingo - The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6. Lesson plans, bingo cards, and information on pesticide safety and IPM in urban areas for grades K-6.
  • Pests Have Enemies Too: Teaching Young Scientists About Biological Control - Jeffords, M.R. & Hodgins, A.S. 1995. Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, IL, special publication 18. Excellent resource guide and lesson plans for middle school students on biological control. (for fee only) To order: call (217) 333-6880.
  • B-C Bugs - Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Entomology.
  • Educational Resources - The Entomological Foundation.
  • - Easy to follow online lesson plans on health and safety topics including head lice.

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The MSU IPM Program maintains this site as an access point to pest management information at MSU. The IPM Program is administered within the Department of Entomology, fueled by research from the AgBioResearch, delivered to citizens through MSU Extension, and proud to be a part of Project GREEEN.