Community IPM

Pesticide Application in Community Buildings and Facilities

Before applying a pesticide in any School, Healthcare Facility, Day Care or Public Building in the State of Michigan:

  1. The person applying the pesticide must attend an IPM Training Program approved by the Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.  Check back later for training opportunities.
  2. Each building must have a verifiable IPM Program in place

Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Day Care and Public Buildings are defined as:

  1. Schools - Public and private schools kindergarten through twelfth grades.
  2. Day Care Centers - A facility, other than a private residence, which receives one or more preschool or school age children for care for periods of less than 24 hours a day, at which the parents or guardians are not immediately available to the child, and which is licensed as a child care organization by the Michigan Department of Human Services in accordance with Public Act 116 of 1973, as amended, MCL section 722.111 to 722.128.
  3. Health Care Facilities - A facility which is not a private home, where people may stay one or more nights and receive medical care, such as a nursing home or hospital. 
  4. Public Buildings - A building that is owned or operated by a federal, state, or local government including public universities.

State of Michigan IPM Regulatory Requirements and Training Resources:

The MSU IPM Program maintains this site as an access point to pest management information at MSU. The IPM Program is administered within the Department of Entomology, fueled by research from the AgBioResearch, delivered to citizens through MSU Extension, and proud to be a part of Project GREEEN.