Canada goldenrod

Solidago canadensis L. var. scabra Torr. & Gray

Life cycle

Clump-forming, rhizomatous perennial.

goldenrod plant
Canada goldenrod clump.


Leaves initially develop from a basal rosette. Leaves are alternate, lance-shaped, tapering at both ends, stalkless, usually with toothed margins. Leaves are numerous and crowded along the stem, with soft hairs below and smooth above.

goldenrod rosette goldenrod leaf
Canada goldenrod rosette (left) and leaf (right).


Erect, up to 7 feet tall with little to no branching. Dense hairs present.

Flowers and fruit

Golden-yellow flowers are found in dense, pyramid-shaped, panicle-like clusters. The seed is enclosed in a single-seeded, wind-disseminated fruit.

goldenrod flower
Canada goldenrod flowers.


Seeds and extensive creeping rhizomes.

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